Here are some resources for bee gardening and creating a pollinator-friendly habitat. Providing food for your bees is a big part of having success. By planting you are providing the consistency that the bees need year after year. Also followed up the links with the north bend pollen chart that was posted in 2016. It is a great tool for Local (Utah) beekeepers.

Tips for creating a native pollinator habitat – Amy Sibul

Below is the Pollen Chart that was presented in 2016. It allows you to see the blooming dates for a 4 years period and you are able to enter in the blooming dates for the flowers in your bee garden/yard for this year as they occur.

The Pollen Chart is helpful to identify what season/dates particular flowers will be in bloom so you are able to get a variation of flowers to supply pollen all season long for the bees. It will also help you plan your season to know when a “honeyflow” will be coming on to take full advantage of the work your girls are doing.  Lastly it provides the Pollen Color so when flowers are in bloom you can see what type of flower pollen your girls are bringing into the hive.

North Bends Pollen Chart (PDF Version)

North Bends Pollen _ Nectar Chart 2016 (Excel Version) – This would allow you to make notes on it, or you could just have it show the flowers you have in your own Bee Yard or local area.

Enjoy! Happy Plant Prepping and Spring will Bee here Beefore we know it!!

Bee Flower Photo