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Results Of The Election

The Wasatch Beekeeping Association had a wonderful potluck dinner and elections on November 15, 2018. Thank you to everyone who joined us! We also had some new people attend who joined as new members.

I would like to announce the results of the election:

President: Veldon Sorensen
Vice President: James Peirce
Treasurer: Rosemary Bennett
Secretary: Lora Owens
Program Director: Kari Taylor
Public Relations: This is still being adjusted. Denise B Hunsaker did not run, but she was elected to continue working with the club because she does so much for the club. Therefore, she has agreed to assist with this position with a lot of help from others.
Facebook/Social Media Administrator: Amy Wilson. Amy will help take on some of the jobs of the public relations and assist in any way possible.

We look forward to working together and planning out the next year for the club.

Please be aware that there is not a meeting in December. Our next WBA meeting will be on January 17, 2019 at the Salt Lake County Complex, 2001 South State.

Please congratulate all these new people who have volunteered to help run the Wasatch Beekeepers Association club.

November WBA Honey Contest, General Meeting, Elections and Potluck Dinner

The November WBA Honey Contest, General Meeting, Elections and Potluck Dinner will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at:
Cottonwood Heights City Building
2277 East Bengal Blvd    (about 7500 South)
Cottonwood Heights, Utah
The time for Honey Judging, the dinner and elections will be 6:30 pm to about 8:30 pm.

October Meeting Info

Next Meeting October 18, 2018
Speaker for October:

Teresa Huntsaker
She is with Utah State Extension Services
She will be taking about doing things with honey and wax. Also about making creamed honey.
She is also planning on doing a workshop on November 17, 2018.  Time will be 1:00 to 3 or 4pm.  Location to be determined.
Topics for the workshop included the following possibilities:
-making your own creamed honey
-making soap
-making chapstick
-making a honey sugar body scrub
-? Other activities
Cost will be around $15.00 per person. Plus you will have to bring your own honey (1 cup).
Other topics for the October 18th meeting will be discussion on Elections in November.  We will also be taking nominations for who would like to be on the board for WBA.

Volunteers Needed For The State Fair

If your able to help please call 801-473-3665 and let us know PLEASE!

We need some help on the following days/times:

Thurs. September 2nd 2 to 6

Sun. September 9th 2 to 6

Wed. September 12th 2 to 6 and 6 to 10

Thursday September 13th All Time Slots

Friday September 14th 10 to 2 and 6 to 10

Saturday September 15th 10 to 2 and 6 to 10

Sunday September 16th 6 to 10

Honey Bee Health Coalition

Here is the link to the Honey Bee Coalition it can also be found under our resource tab here on our website. 



Our mission is to collaboratively implement solutions that will help to achieve a healthy population of honey bees while also supporting healthy populations of native and managed pollinators in the context of productive agricultural systems and thriving ecosystems.


We’ve formed the Honey Bee Health Coalition to bring together beekeepers, growers, researchers, government agencies, agribusinesses, conservation groups, manufacturers, and consumer brands to improve the health of honey bees in general and specifically around production agriculture. We’re taking collaborative action to improve honey bee health by addressing multiple factors influencing bee health, including hive pests and disease, forage and nutrition, and exposure to crop pesticides.

BEE FEST This Saturday June 16, 2018

A Celebration of Pollination!
Bees, butterflies, birds and other pollinators – and the flowers they love.

Presented by CATALYST Magazine Slow Food Utah and Wasatch Community Gardens

FREE! 9am-2pm @ the Wasatch Community Gardens’ Green Team Farm: 622 W 100 S, just west of the Gateway)

Meet the Experts
Marketplace – ART, CRAFTS, etc.
Plant Sale
Honey-based bake sale
Honey tasting
Kids activities
Pollinator costume contest

Special Guest Speaker Katie Wagoner will speak at our WBA meeting on 4/19/2018 7:00 P.M. Sharp

We are honored to have Katie Wagoner from Utah State University She is a Horticulture Extension Assistant Professor at Utah State University. She works extensively with the Master Gardener Program through USU. She will be speaking on Planting for Pollinators. She plans to have a power point which hopefully we can upload to our website following this presentation.

Also following her presentation, David Bench will talk about splitting hives. Things to look for before splitting and how to do a split. He will bring some empty boxes to show. Hopefully we will have some photo’s to go along with his presentation.

James Strange Presentation from the last WBA meeting

Honey Bee Spring care and nutrition

Useful Videos Including Package Install and more

Learn how to install a package from the comfort of your own home. Under the resource tab above there is a link to several useful videos including Package install and much more.

Jamie Strange will be our Special Guest Speaker for the March 2018 meeting

Jamie Strange will be our guest speaker for the March 2018 meeting. He will be discussing the correlation between honey bees and bumble bees.

My research interests include basic aspects of bumble bee (Bombus) biology and practical aspects of bumble bee culture for pollination.  Several species of bumble bees are being screened for traits that contribute to pollination of greenhouse crops: colony size and longevity, defensive behavior, disease susceptibility and the ease of culture.  Currently, we are rearing colonies from wild-caught queen bumble bees from several western US species (primarily Bombus appositusBombus bifariusand Bombus centralis) to evaluate them as potential commercial pollinators.  I am also looking at the efficacy of using these species in greenhouses and plastic structures.

I am interested in several areas of bumble bee ecology.  One area is the reproductive biology of bees including issues related to polyandry and colony fitness, and dispersal of gynes and males for mating.  Currently, I am using molecular tools (primarily microsatellite DNA) to evaluate the natural mating frequency of several species of bumble bee queens.  Additionally, I am participating in a study of the foraging range of bumble bee colonies and the contribution of wild colonies to pollination of agricultural fields.

Finally, my lab is cooperatively working with researchers at the University of Illinois and the Illinois Natural History Survey to investigate the decline of several North American bee species.  My lab is focusing on the range contraction of B. occidentalisin the western US.  We are investigating the extent of the range contraction and hope to discover the underlying causes of the recent species decline.

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