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A Message from the WBA President

The Wasatch Beekeepers Association (WBA) will be holding general election for new leadership in November.  The by-laws of the WBA are explicit that elections are held yearly and the office of President is limited to a maximum of two years.  In creating the by-laws it was determined that two years was sufficient for one person to serve as President.  This restriction allows for increased diversity, in focus and outreach.  The by-laws were altered last year to accommodate for an extra year of service when the elections are not able to be held because of the pandemic.  However, our current team of brilliant experts have allowed the WBA to meet virtually and we feel confident that a fair, open and secure election can be safely held even if virtually. 

The duties of the various elected offices are outlined in the by-laws posted on the WBA website.  The elected offices are as follows with the names of the current elected persons:

Elected Positions

  • President: (Veldon Sorensen)
  • Vice President: (James Peirce)
  • Treasurer: (Rosemary Bennett)
  • Secretary: (Nicole Lewis-Rogers)
  • Program Director: (Kari Taylor)
  • Public Relations: (Julie Arthur)

If you have interest in serving WBA in any of these positions, feel free to reach out to one of these individuals to learn more about the responsibilities.  We also have a dedicated group of appointed positions that make WBA run smoothly.  These appointments also run yearly.  New leadership will be looking for volunteers for these positions, so consider how you could participate. If you have skills or want to learn more, the appointed positions are:

Appointed Positions

  • Web Editor: Susan Knudsen
  • State Fair Coordinator:  Robert Stevens
  • Social Media/Mentor Coordinator:  Amy Wilson
  • WBA Phone/Swarm call:  Julie Arthur
  • New Beekeeper Representative: Sandeep Kharkar

You may consider that every position above either elected or appointed will be available.  Change always brings new synergies that make and help the WBA be a stronger more robust association.  It has been a delightful, meaningful and enjoyable experience to be WBA President.  I have met some wonderful individuals, interacted with a great Board of caring and smart beekeepers.  We have enjoyed some wonderful speakers and learned much from them and others.  We have so many great beekeepers here in this area that are willing, able and happy to share their years of experience with all comers. 

I would encourage you to consider serving in any position.  It will expand your skills as a beekeeper by the interaction with a myriad different ideas, hives, inventive individuals and simply good people. Plus, your service and ideas can be the catalyst that makes a difference in a beekeeper’s life. 


Sep 16 Meeting

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 we will be meeting ONLY online.

Thursday, Sep 16, 7:00 PM

Because we cannot as yet meet in person, we are continuing to meet online on Facebook to serve as many as we can during this time. To be notified of the video when we go live, we recommend making sure that you are a member of our Facebook group. This will be available for later viewing, but we highly encourage joining us live for the Q&A if you can.

We will discuss:

  • 2021 Elections
  • American Foulbrood (AFB) letter
  • Honey selling and packaging
  • Winter feeding/candy boards

Proposal to Change WBA By-Laws

Due to the ongoing pandemic, where social gatherings are not in keeping with CDC and local government guidelines, the WBA Board is proposing the following changes in the Association by-laws to deal with mandatory elections under Article 6 – Election of Officers.  Please read the two proposed additions to the by-laws.

Paid members of the association may vote to:

  • Approve the guidelines as written,
  • Propose amendments, or
  • Disapprove

Paid members may submit their vote or comments to the association’s phone number or email:
WBA phone: 801.692.3371
WBA email: wasatchbeekeepers@gmail.com

We will review the feedback and take the appropriate action(s).  We will need your response by 16 September so that the results can be announced at the next WBA meeting on 17 September. If you wish to nominate yourself or someone (with their approval), let us know so we can make the decision regarding which of the alternative by-law options would be best for the Association.

Current Executive Board members are listed here.

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