Wasatch Beekeepers Association – General Meeting

Thursday, January 17, 2019, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Salt Lake County Council Chambers

  • Welcome
  • Introduction new club officers by Veldon.
  • He shared information from the ABF meeting regarding a honey finder button for either selling honey or locating local honey (honey.com).
  • Denise brought in tickets to the Sundance movie, “Honeyland”, showing at the Broadway Centre Cinemas; 111 East Broadway (300 South), SLC on January 29. You must arrive 15 minutes and be in your seats before the movie is to start or the doors are closed and you will not be allowed in. Free parking available with validation at Broadway Centre Garage (east of Broadway Theatre).
  • Kyla Bachman passed out $10 coupons for Desert Hive. She told us of classes offered by Desert Hive; including a two-hour class on Varroa mites.
  • Kari discussed the USU Thriving Hive series offered through Event Brite. The beginning beekeeping series is $45, and this cost includes this year’s membership into WBA. There is also an Advanced Beekeeping class offered as well for $100.
  • Jerry Lynn, Natalee Thompson and Peter Somers shared their techniques for winter hive management.
  • Veldon quickly discussed the Varroa mite problem, and stated that mite control will be addressed every meeting in some form.
  • Peter Somers will come out and perform a hive inspection. He also has an infrared camera that can be used to determine if your cluster is still alive. He can be reached at       801-874-2999.
  • Al Chuback gave a presentation on his trip to Jordan.
    • Beekeepers reduce frame numbers to force center clustering for winter.
    • Beekeepers there do not feed their bees; hives are much smaller.
  • Meeting closed at 9 pm. 40 people attended the meeting.
  • Next meeting: February 21.