Dear WBA Beekeepers,

The 2021 WBA Election results are in and as in typical elections about half of our dues paying members participated by casting a vote.  Thank you for voting and making your thoughts and wishes known with a ballot.  

I want to thank the outgoing Board for their dedication and service.  When we were elected 3 years ago, we met monthly at the Salt Lake City building.  When Covid-19 struck, we lost our ability to physically meet.  I give credit to the Board, who accepted the challenge and proved we could meet virtually.  The Board had individuals with the ability, tenacity and interest that allowed us to continue meeting without missing a single meeting.  We have now held a total of 18 virtual meetings. By being virtual, we expanded our beekeeping experience as we enjoyed speakers from across the US including MT, NC, OR and of course UT. The virtual world has opened so many doors for us.

We also have successfully moved WBA to a 501(c)3 organization.  This was a huge step and this nonprofit tax exemption helps us in using our funds for building beekeeping in this area.  

My thanks to the outgoing Board. I hope you take the opportunity to thank them personally:

Vice President James Peirce has been an excellent resource, great answer man on Facebook and in meetings, organized robber screen workshops and has helped us with our web design.

Treasurer Rosemary Bennett is so reliable and helpful.  She has so faithfully kept our books and donated part of her valuable “She-Shed” space to hold WBA stuff.  

Secretary Nicole Lewis-Rogers stepped in during the year and has taken on so many tasks from meeting notes to making and editing interviews.

Program Director Kari Taylor has served longer than the 3 years but has stayed with us and helped as she knows so many people and contacts.

Public Relations Julie Arthur has also served as the swarm coordinator along with keeping us informed and aware of planned bee focused activities.

Social Media Coordinator Amy Wilson brought us from live to virtual with her expertise and persistence in media.  Amy served as our mentor coordinator that was so valuable in ensuring that all new beekeepers had someone to help.  

Web Editor Susan Knudsen revised, updated and refreshed our WBA webpage.  There is so much good information there.  She also has been our champion for queen rearing in small hives.  

State Fair Coordinator Robert Stevens did an amazing job of organizing our State Fair participation and then because of Covid-19, we withdrew but his organization efforts will hopefully be useful as we approach 2022.

New Beekeeper representative Sandeep Kharkar has really helped in reminding us what new beekeepers need, so that all our presentations had a focus on basic beekeeping.  

Your new elected Board is as follows:

  • President:  Julie Arthur
  • Vice President:  Mike Hughes
  • Secretary:  Rosemary Bennett
  • Treasurer:  Sandeep Kharkar
  • Program Chair: Nicole Lewis-Rogers
  • Public Relations: Belinda Mastin

Some of the appointed positions are open. I encourage you to reach out to anyone on the new Board and offer to help.  These are all great individuals with many practical skills and you will be rewarded by their knowledge and friendship. Even if you are a new beekeeper, your input is valued and needed.

Appointed Board Members for 2022 

  • Web Editor: Susan Knudsen 
  • State Fair Coordinator:  Robert Stevens
  • Social Media/Facebook:
  • Mentor Coordinator:
  • WBA Phone and Swarm Coordinator: 
  • New Beekeeper Representative: 

This is an amazing Board full of experience and new ideas.  Please be ready to reach out and give your support as they take us to next level.