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Online Communities, Local

Online Communities, National

Educational Websites

  • Honey Bee Suite
    Rusty Burlew is a beekeeper based out of Washington. She publishes excellent, educational content for beekeepers and those interested in other pollinators using clear, accessible language.
  • Scientific Beekeeping
    Randy Oliver is a biologist and commercial beekeeper in California. In-depth articles covering scientific concerns such as biology, honey bee health, disease and treatment, colony management.
  • Honey Bee Health Coalition
    Educational resources for managing honey bee health and combating diseases. See especially Tools for Varroa Management.

Beekeeping Videos / YouTube

  • Wasatch Beekeepers
    This is our club’s YouTube channel.
  • Jerry Lynn
    Jerry is a knowledgeable, beloved member of our club. He has shared some great instructional videos on YouTube.
  • A Canadian Beekeeper’s Blog
    Ian Steppler, a commercial beekeeper out of Manitoba Canada, provides consistently excellent, educational content.
  • Mike Palmer (search)
    Mike Palmer, a commercial beekeeper based out of Saint Albans, Vermont, has given multiple, excellent talks.

Beekeeping Clubs and Services

National Beekeeper Services

Bee Inspections, Beekeeper Registration, Honey Bee Laws

The Utah State Department of Agriculture maintains state and county honey bee inspectors which are available for apiary inspections. They are here to help, and can provide valuable information on managing colony health or advice on how to approach a colony health concern.

State and Local Honey Bee Laws

Wholesome Food Act, Cottage Food Production, and Homemade Food Act Laws

Utah Wholesome Food Act

Cottage Food Production

Home Consumption and Homemade Food Act