Membership costs $20/yr and covers you and any partner or spouse.

Members who are 70 years of age and have been active, paying members for five years, are considered permanent members of the association.

Membership can be paid for by attending any of our monthly meetings or filling out this form.

Active members (who may vote in elections) are those who have paid their dues prior to July 31 of a calendar year. Dues paid after July 31 will include membership for the following calendar year.

Membership Features

Members may attend our monthly meetings and will be invited to club-specific workshop events. Anyone may survey a meeting to meet us and determine if joining the Wasatch Beekeeping Association is right for them.

An Aside: Registration as a Beekeeper

Joining the club is not the same as registering as a beekeeper with the Utah Department of Agriculture. We recommend that all beekeepers in Utah register with the Department of Agriculture to receive valuable information regarding honey bee health and local concerns, as well as to support and fund our excellent state and county honey bee inspectors.