President: Julie Cies Arthur
Responsible for scheduling board member meetings and presides over them. Conducts monthly members meetings, appoints special committees as needed, and fills or appoints club vacancies in coordination with the board.

Vice-President: Sandeep Kharkar
Responsible for filling in for the roles of the president as needed or in their absence. If the president is unable to serve their role the Vice President is appointed in their stead. The Vice President may also play a role in overseeing the club website and other media outlets.

Secretary: Nicole Lewis-Rogers
Responsible for taking roll call and minutes for presidency meetings. Takes minutes and collects money for membership fees, and plays a role in coordination with the Treasurer to organize club membership.

Treasurer: Michael Hughes
Responsible for managing and keeping full and accurate records of club finances and financial transactions, as well as handling financial transactions, in accordance with the Fiscal Policies and Procedures document. The treasurer plays a corresponding role in the collection of membership dues and public donations, and coordinates with the Secretary to organize club membership.


Program Chair: Jess Silverman-Coulmelly
Responsible for coordinating with members and officers to plan and organize club events, including playing a role in contacting and coordinating with speakers and scheduling and managing venues. The Program Director may recruit and work with volunteers from the club membership, including organizing and leading the nominating committee.

Public Relations: Nikki Berlin-Steinman
Responsible for serving as the internal and external communications contact for the club. This role includes maintaining calendar events and playing a central role in organizing club involvement in community events. The Public Relations Officer may also oversee communication with the public through means such as social media or a newsletter.

Swarm Coordinator: Julie Cies Arthur

Social Media Coordinator: TBD
Aids in communicating with membership and the public through the club’s social media, website, and other means. Helps to manage the club’s social media presence and community.

Facebook Monitor:  Tyson Washburn

Mentor Coordinator: Jenn Hein and Nancy West.
Aids in matching mentors to new beekeepers.

Utah State Fair Coordinator: Rosemary Bennett and Robert Stevens

Website Editor: Michael Hughes
Aids in communication with the membership and the public through the club’s website and helps to add or update existing website content.


The Wasatch Beekeepers Association is governed by elected (officers) and appointed volunteers from the club’s membership. Each year, in November, the club holds a potluck dinner and election to determine officers for the next year from members who volunteer.

For more information please see the Club Bylaws.