Thanks to a global pandemic and in an effort to continue to support the beekeeping community on the Wasatch Front, meetings were moved to an online format while in-person meetings were unavailable. These were hosted via Facebook live through our Facebook Group: Wasatch Beekeepers Association (WBA)

These videos are on Facebook and are provided as-is, complete with occasional technology hiccups.

  • August 2021: Honey harvesting
  • July 2021: Grafting queens on a backyard scale
  • June 2021: Mites, Diseases, AFB
  • May 2021: Varroa mite life cycle
  • April 2021: Installing bees, introducing queens, using phenology to predict swarming
  • March 2021: Bait hives, swarm traps, and how the swarm list works
  • February 2021: Club business, how to split hives, mentor program
  • January 2021: Infrared hive checks, heater bees research, record keeping
  • October 2020: Club business
  • September 2020: Mites, bottom boards, wax moths, wasps
  • August 2020: Honey harvesting, robbing vs orientation flights
  • July 2020: Varroa mite checks, control options with and without supers
  • June 2020: Hive checks, healthy hives, records, queen calendar, laying workers and drone laying queens
  • May 2020: Hot hives, mites, swarm update
  • April 2020: Planting for pollinators
  • March 2020: How to hive a package, feeding, overwintered vs new colonies, principles of hive management